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  • - Citizen-oriented recycling movement is created with the participation of citizens in smart waste management.
  • - With the incentive system, wastes are separated at their source.
  • - The infrastructure of Mobile Waste bringing centers is established within the scope of Zero Waste in accordance with the legislation.


Our solutions use real-time and historical data to optimize waste collection schedules and routes. Predictive analytics reporting enables advance decision making on operations and provides recommendations on smart recycle bin locations.

"Smart Cities adoption is constantly increasing in the spread of smart waste management solutions. By 2050, more than 70% of the world's population will live in towns and cities, and the next decade is expected to see nearly 50% increase in global waste production."

Clean energy

- The smart waste box can meet its own needs with its 60 Watt energy generation capacity.

- Carbon emission is reduced with less fuel consumption in collection operations.


- With smart waste management, up to 60% of collection costs can be saved.

- Additional income is generated by creating an external advertising space with the advertisement panel on the smart waste bin.