"Sıfır Atık Teknolojik Alt Yapısı"

100th year

Centenary of the Republic
of Turkey


As Atık Nakit, we produce software and hardware solutions in areas such as Recycling, Garbage Collection, Urban Cleaning and Facility Management. Thanks to the services we develop, we optimize operational processes and maximize efficiency.

Atık Nakit, which emerged with an entrepreneurial idea in 2018, currently cooperates with 23 customers in the Turkish market and also operates in the Swiss market. At the same time, it is taking one step closer to its global goals and expanding its Zero Waste vision by opening an office in France.

Within our team; It includes industrial, software, environmental and computer engineers. With this system, which we developed with experts in the field, we provide the most strategic and innovative infrastructure within the scope of the zero waste movement.

Recycling Collection System

In our Recycling module, we aim to recycle these wastes in the most accurate way by establishing a connection between the points that produce individual and collective waste and those who collect the waste via mobile application and web panel.

Thanks to the mobile application, those who generate waste submit their waste to the authorities by creating a collection request. In return for the delivered waste, the incentive system is activated and points are assigned to citizens. In this way, more recycling waste is encouraged to be separated at the source.

Garbage Collection System

In our Garbage Collection module, all garbage containers in the field are marked on the map section on the panel and tracked. In addition, the garbage containers collected during the day are shown in different colors on the map. In this way, it is easily visible which garbage containers are collected and which are not at the end of the day. is controlled. In addition, containers that are not collected for a certain period of time are automatically reported to the authorities, and the authorities can assign tasks to the personnel in the field to collect these containers.

In addition, the IoT-based cameras we developed start recording as soon as the garbage vehicles approach a certain distance from the container and detect the occupancy of the containers during collection, thanks to artificial intelligence. Thus, the occupancy rate of each garbage container is analyzed. A collection frequency recommendation is made and significant savings in fuel costs are achieved.

City Cleaning System

With our Urban Cleaning Module, the cleanliness of neighborhoods, streets and avenues is monitored on the panel. Thus, it is checked on the map which neighborhoods and streets are cleaned or not.

Street sweeping personnel upload post-cleaning photos from the area where the cleaned streets are located to the system via the mobile application. So on the fieldThe most accurate data is recorded in the system. By sending this service to citizens via mobile application, the principle of transparency is adopted.

Waste Facility Management

The entire process, from the entry of waste materials into the facility to their separation and disposal, can be monitored and controlled through the Waste Cash system. This module allows detailed control of many processes, from shipped products to maintenance-repair activities and in-plant task management. On-site efficiency can be increased thanks to these end-to-end digitalized processes.