"Zero Waste Solutions"

100th year

Centenary of the Republic
of Turkey

What are we doing?

Atık Nakit produces software and hardware solutions that digitize waste collection processes. It designs sustainable systems by using the latest technologies within the scope of Zero Waste. In this way, while operational efficiency increases; It saves time, human resources and fuel. Thanks to our mobile application, a digital link is created between waste generators and waste collectors by operating the incentive system, thus increasing the amount of waste collection. Our goal is to be one of the biggest solution partners of zero waste technology in the world and to produce the most advanced technologies in this field.

We Are Expanding Our Work Area

Producing solutions in the field of recycling with the incentive system via the mobile application, Atık Nakit has started to develop new systems in the areas of Street Cleaning and Urban Cleaning as of the point it has come to. In our City Cleaning module, the amount of waste collected in the field, personnel productivity, inventories and many other things are monitored digitally, saving time, human resources and fuel. Moreover, thanks to the image processing technology we have developed with artificial intelligence, all data related to waste in the field is automatically reported to the system. Thanks to our Street Cleaning module, photos of the streets before and after cleaning are entered into the system. Thus, the problem is easily solved by matching the complaints from the field with the data coming from here.

Our Team Has Experts in the field

Within our team; It includes industrial engineers, software engineers, computer engineers. With this system, which we have developed with experts in the field, we provide the most strategic and innovative infrastructure within the scope of zero waste movement.