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@pendikbelediyesi Atık Nakit...

@pendikbelediyesi Atık Nakit çözümlerini kullanıyor.

Temiz ve sürdürülebilir şehirler için hep birlikte çalışmaya devam edeceğiz ?

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Atık Nakit olarak SmartCity Summit & Expo Programı kapsamında Tayvan'dayda yerimizi aldık.

Farklı ülkelerden gelen girişimcilerin Startup hikayelerini dinledik.
Kurucularımızdan @akdagfaruk Atık Nakit'i girişimcilere tanıttı.

Programda emeği geçen herkese teşekkür ederiz.

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Atık Nakit mobil...

Atık Nakit mobil uygulamasını artık App Gallery'den indirebilirsiniz.

Atık Nakit mobil...

Atık Nakit mobil uygulamaları nasıl çalışır?
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Atık Nakit olarak...

Atık Nakit olarak Sultangazi Belediyesiyle işbirliği yaparak geliştirdiğimiz "A-Tıkla Katıl" uygulamamızı size sunmaktan gurur duyuyoruz !
Daha yaşanılabilir bir dünya için geri dönüşüm !!

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Sürdürülebilir bir gelecek...

Sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için çalışıyoruz.
#AtıkNakit #Sustainablecities #SürdürülebilirŞehirler

@pendikbelediyesi Atık Nakit...

Atık Nakit olarak...

Atık Nakit mobil...

Atık Nakit mobil...

Atık Nakit olarak...

Sürdürülebilir bir gelecek...

Atık Nakit as Numbers

By recording all processes in the regions we work in, we transfer the waste collection operations to digital.

55670315 KG

Total Collected Waste

3586376 KG/CO₂

Carbon Emission Reduction


Registered Users

About Us


What are we doing?

As Atik Nakit, we produce software and hardware solutions to increase efficiency in recycling waste collection processes.

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Developing software and hardware solutions for waste management according to the needs of smart cities.



To be the world's largest solution partner in waste management of smart cities.

Our Products



  • Incentive System
  • Card Systems
  • Operation on a collection day basis for individual users
  • Appointment system for places producing bulk waste
  • Inventory Management

Our recycling system contributes to the realization of the monitoring of the collection systems of municipalities by providing solutions with web panel and mobile applications over the system. An effective result emerges with the collection days and times determined by the municipalities in different local places for individual users. Wastes are delivered with the QR code containing the account information of our citizens registered through our mobile application, and in return, the points are transferred to the account. A one-to-one appointment system is created for users who give bulk waste. In order to increase the amount of waste, the incentive system offered to the citizens can be used together with the card or point system. The points accumulated with the shop section can be spent on the mobile application.


Trash Container Tracking

  • Software Algorithm
  • Camera Solution
  • Integration with mobile tracking systems
  • Collection frequency recommendation

Our garbage container tracking system is tracked with the data transferred from the field personnel according to the container points determined via the web panel. This data is transferred with the mobile application used by the personnel in the field. In addition, thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm with the camera attached to the garbage trucks, a significant increase in accuracy is observed. The camera, which starts recording while the container is being emptied, sends feedback to the system according to the occupancy rate of the container. Thanks to this, the warning that the container is full, half full or completely emptied is displayed on the screen. Our software algorithm that collects this data offers us the recommendation of the collection frequency of the containers in the field.


City Cleaning

  • Field personnel tracking
  • Street Sweeping, Washing
  • Feedback from the field
  • Demonstration of the service rendered to the citizen

Under the title of city cleaning, the tracking of the personnel in the field is done via the web panel. The location of the field personnel is followed by the street route. Uploading the picture system of the streets cleaned or washed via the mobile application. The photos are checked by the supervisors who keep track of their personal streets. These photos are also sent in the form of feedback according to the addresses of the users registered on the system.


Facility Management

  • Waste collection center facility management software
  • Compost plant management software
  • Waste separation plant management software

It is an operation tracking system that controls the processes followed by the wastes collected from the field since they enter the waste facility, together with the data. The system reveals the types of waste as separated, sold and disposed of from the waste facility and their material value.


Recycling Worker System Integration

  • System registration, waste delivery
  • Recycling worker density map
  • Recycling worker online payment

It is a system that allows recycling workers to be registered in the municipal system and also to sell their waste to licensing companies that the municipalities have contracted with. The application used for recycling is made available to the recycling worker registered through the system. Route optimization is made according to the density of recycling workers via the mobile application. The collected waste is delivered to the designated points. The amount to be paid to the recycling worker is transferred to the accounts via the system with the online payment option.