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Halil Çalışkan | 19.01.2024
What is Recycling and How is it Done

Recycling is the process of making waste reusable. This process includes the steps of collecting used materials, separating them, processing them and transforming...

Halil Çalışkan | 29.08.2023
The Role of Waste in Forest Fires and Environmental Relations

Forests, which contain the vast beauties of nature, are the cornerstones of ecosystems and play a critical role in maintaining ecological balance...

Halil Çalışkan | 11.08.2023
Recycle Your Waste with Compost

Compost is an environmentally friendly type of fertilizer obtained by naturally decomposing household waste, garden residues and other organic materials under certain conditions...

Halil Çalışkan | 20.07.2023
How Should Waste Management Be Done

Rapidly growing population, industrialization and changes in consumption habits have led to an increase in the amount of waste and negative...

Halil Çalışkan | 26.03.2023
Integrating Blockchain into the Waste Management System

In this week's Atık Nakit Blog series, we are here with an article that will offer a very different perspective. In our previous article, we focused on Zero Waste as...

Halil Çalışkan | 23.02.2023
Waste Problem After Earthquake

February 6, 2023 went down in the history of the Republic as the day when all of Turkey woke up to a dark morning. Two major earthquakes occurring 9 hours apart deeply saddened us all...

Halil Çalışkan | 15.01.2023
Türkiye is not Water Rich!

Drought is a period when rainfall decreases and water resources are depleted. It can also negatively affect the lives of people, animals and plants...

Halil Çalışkan | 05.01.2023
Zero Waste Industry Worldwide

The word waste is now a concept that renews itself today. Those who previously viewed waste as garbage have now begun to accept that it is a capital stolen from nature...

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