"Sıfır Atık Teknolojik Alt Yapısı"

100th year

Centenary of the Republic
of Turkey


By ensuring waste is collected more efficiently, we save fuel, time and human resources.

What is a Recycling System?

Our recycling system offers a modern solution to help municipalities manage their waste collection processes more effectively. This solution allows municipalities to monitor their waste collection systems through a web-based panel and mobile applications. In this way, municipalities can optimize their waste collection processes with a planning organized according to local collection days and hours determined for individual users.

Our Mobile Application

Our mobile application allows citizens to easily register and deliver their waste. Registered citizens earn points thanks to their account information containing a QR code that they will use when delivering their waste. These points can be used for spending through the mobile application.

Users Giving Bulk Waste

A one-to-one appointment system created specifically for users who dispose of bulk waste ensures that bulk waste is collected regularly and effectively. The incentive system offered to citizens in order to increase waste amounts can be used by combining it with a card or point system. These incentives both reward environmentally friendly behavior and increase society's general recycling awareness. The points obtained can be spent in the shop section via the mobile application, so users can access various rewards.


Incentive System
  • - Points are earned for the waste delivered.


Card Systems
  • - By working integrated with card systems, spending can be made at contracted locations.


Collection Day
  • - Citizens can make a waste collection appointment on certain collection days.


Inventory Management
  • - Control of your field inventories can be done via the panel.