"Sıfır Atık Teknolojik Alt Yapısı"


What is our City Cleaning System?

In our City Cleaning Module, cleaning operations of streets, avenues and neighborhoods are carried out. Staff are assigned the area they are responsible for via the web panel we developed. Then, this assignment appears on the mobile application of the staff as a notification. After the relevant staff cleans the area they are responsible for, they take a snapshot of the area and save it to the system via the mobile application. All streets cleaned during the day are collected as data on the system and At the end of the day, whether the cleaning area is completed or not is determined on the map with colored coordinates.

Each photo uploaded to the system by the personnel in the field is then forwarded to the regional manager for approval. During the approval process, the regional officer can contribute to the more efficient process by sending feedback to the personnel in the field.

Cleaning activities carried out through our city cleaning module can be sent as feedback to the citizens living in that area via the mobile application. Thus, the work done is presented to the citizens in a transparent manner.

This integrated system aims to manage urban cleaning processes in a more transparent, effective and citizen-oriented way. Field staff tracking, feedback mechanisms and the use of visual data support a strategic approach to improving the quality of urban cleaning services.


Field Personnel Tracking


Control of Street Cleaning Activities


Feedback from the Field


Demonstration of Services to Citizens through Feedback