"Sıfır Atık Teknolojik Alt Yapısı"

100th year

Centenary of the Republic
of Turkey


" Thanks to Atık Nakit, both our waste producers and our municipality were provided with a concrete digital data flow. It made it easier to monitor and follow-up the daily work and enabled us to get quick solutions to any problems that may arise."

Başakşehir Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate

" Atık Nakit Thanks to smart waste collection software, we increase our waste collection efficiency by reducing the total time and distance required to collect recyclable packaging waste in our district. By digitalizing our entire waste management process, we can control all field operations in line with the reports we receive instantly and regularly."

Pendik Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate
" We aimed to provide transparent, understandable and accountable smart management of all wastes under our municipality's responsibility through a digital infrastructure. The Atık Nakit application, which we actively use in our Smart Waste Management studies, helps to monitor the process from waste generation to recovery or disposal and to statistically analyze the data in this process. It has become a good solution partner by providing opportunities."

Seyhan Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Directorate
" As Sultangazi Municipality, Climate Change and Zero Waste Directorate, we have been using the software infrastructure of the atiknakit team in the mobile application that we have launched as "JOIN WITH SULTANGAZI WASTE" for 1 year. It helps us to do more efficient work in less time and improve our zero waste management system day by day ATIK NAKİT "I would like to thank the team for their devoted work. I recommend the municipalities' zero waste units to work together with the waste cash team without hesitation."

Sultangazi Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Chief
" With the Atık Nakit Smart Waste Collection System, the inventory in our district is regularly monitored, faster service is provided to our citizens, collection time and efficiency in road routes are increased. In addition, the digital data obtained has been one of our most important helpful shares in the process of determining our proactive work program. "

Beşiktaş Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Directorate